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Okay beetches. listen up. I was having a discussion with Deena about people. her s/n is "a girl trying to find herself a perfect man is like trying to find atlantis!" well, I have two theories. These pertain asto the location of Atlantis. I shall now elaborate on both theories. they are both up for arguement.

Theory I:
Atlantis is a city that has been legondary as to fact that it is hidden. some say it doesn't exist. I am not one of those fucking ignorant people. So, I have concluded in Theory I that Atlantis may lie in the South Pacific, more sepifically, the Southern tip of Tje Miridian Trench. This is the deepest, darkest part of the ocean. it is ENTIRELY too unsafe to explore throuroughly. The lack of exploration has made it possible to miss Atlantis hiding in the darkest parts of Mother Nature. She has kept this pristine city a secret and will continue to.

Theory II:
Along the same lines as to the location of Atlantis, another mystery is the Bermuda Triangle. Many people have been reported missing when they have travelled into the part of the ocean. It is possible that the city of Atlantis drifted from the cold waters of the North Atlantic into this rather mysterious part of the ocean. Those people who go missing have stubbled across the great lost city. Their discovery would make them the richest, most famous and most powerful people on the face of this planet. The inhabitants of Atlantis know this, and therefore they deal with the outsiders in one of three ways: Kill them...Force them into jail where they rot...or the people are accepted into society because they wish to remain in the great city rather than leave.

This concludes both of my theories. If anyone wishes to challenge me, go ahead and try. I will win.
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