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make a move...

Well kids, I was thinking about this earlier, and we all need to do alot of things together considering this is our last year. Brad and I will not be going to Seattle this summer as planned (has to do with our parents being retarded, we really wanted to go but were gona have to wait and go later) so, this gives us more time at home during the summer to hang out with you guys, so be happy.

I was trying to think of some stuff we need to do. First of all, you ALL are going to the trip to D.C. with Schaef, no questions asked. You know how much fun that will be? We will cause so much trouble...I can see it now, and I cant wait XD and, hmm...what else? Well, we all need to stay the night at Buxton Inn in Granville, because its haunted and we should get like 2 rooms so we can say guys in one room and girls in another (yeah right, thats just our story so parentals will okay it heh) but we will need two rooms, Im not being squished in one bed by you all! But yeah, we all need to stay the night there because it will be awesome. What else can we do this year? Anyone got any other ideas? Post 'em, cause we really need to do some crazy shit!

Your favorite person,
Rachel Eddy xxx
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