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Business to Take Care of.

1. I put the addresses we have posted so far in the memories section. So now, anytime you need them, they will be there. Still need Rachel's, Brad's and John's. Rachel has an excuse though. lol.

2. Rachel brought up in the last entry the idea about the blanket and we discussed it further and though maybe if we each had a notebook/sketchbook we sent around to everyone that might give us each something to keep. Basically, I think this would be the easiest way to go. I say, we each get our own and we can send them around. I'm planning on getting my today, so any volunteers for who wants it first? We can keep a post going, about who has who's and who to send it to next and whatever once we get it going.

3. I put up a new layout. The old one was really screwing with my computer for some reason. Any comments on the new one? If you guys don't like it we can find something else. I know the other one was awesome. It was just getting difficult for me to use and have it freeze my compie. I think on the About Me, I'll change it to "About Us" And just put our names and astro signs, hm?

4. Whenever we get a package from any of the rest of us, the person should post what it was.

5. I'll keep a big post to record that stuff too.

6. Comment if you read this. That way we know who got the memos and who we need to bug and tell them to go read.

Hope you guys are all having fun ^^
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read it.
it all pretty much sounds good.
I'm in, for whatever everyone else is in on too.
I have read and fully understand the memo
Just dropping in to say that I read this. And I love the new layout. <3