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so I can fall asleep tonight...

I'm such an insomniac. blech.

anyway.. I was thinking, and I talked about it with Rachel..
MySpace is great, but LJ helped bring us all together. Junior year, when we all met or met again, it was LJ that we all read, and posted on, its how we kept in touch in the beginning. and we're separating in a couple months..

so, we all need to get back on here. look back at old posts here on turkeylunchmeat. they are hillarious! Rachel and I nearly peed our pants. but our last post, was September!!!!

John, we need more stories. XD

and everyone else, chip in. no excuses!!

lets bring turkeylunchmeat back to life!

by the way, there was a turkey sighting the other day.... be glad you weren't there.
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