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You need to post more in here guys >_<

Krissy, Rachel and I want to make scrapbooks and we either want the rest of you to make one for yourselves too, or we'll make one for you if you want it. And if you want one, we need some money from you because it's not cheap and we don't have enough to make an entire one for everybody. Basically it's for each of us to have for when we go to college.

Some of our ideas to put in it:
Letters from each of us,to that person. They'd have all the letters in their own everyone would get letters from everyone else.
A page with all our handprints
Lots of pictures, obviously
Inside jokes
Pages dedicated to each of us, in everyone's scrapbook.
Picture of the sandwich, arrows pointing to each of us lol

So post in reply, if you want to make your own or have us make it for you, and if you have any more ideas for it.

Post, or I'll kill you.

Love, Meggy
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